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   When you are partying hard in Florida, the #1 name you need to know for your group transportation needs is Daytona Beach Party Bus! Our team is well-equipped to send you on a true pleasure trip, with the most pristine vehicles that the state of FL has to offer, and the most professional chauffeurs that you have ever met. That's the power combination that gives us a leg up on the competition. The fact is, you simply will not find a better experience than Daytona Beach Party Bus!

   Daytona Beach Party Bus knows that you've already got your hands full with the party planning process, and we believe that you shouldn't have to spend more time than necessary putting together your travel and transportation plans. We're more than happy to welcome your hands-on approach if that's your style, but if you'd rather just give us the minimum amount of details (number of guests, type of event, etc.) and let us run with it, Daytona Beach Party Bus welcomes that too!

   We've got a site right here that's chock full of info for you, and we know that you'll enjoy browsing that while you get your ideas jotted down on paper. But whenever you are ready to skip ahead in the process and let us start planning that trip, just give us a call at 904-323-0724 or send us an email at We look forward to it!

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Our Most Popular Party Buses

Daytona Beach Party Bus
Daytona Beach Party Bus

Our Latest and Greatest Vehicle Features

  • Each bus features at least one large flat screen television for your viewing enjoyment, along with a DVD player and possibly even an HD antenna for use when parked

  • The high quality stereo system in each bus will absolutely blow you away and let you experience your favorite music on CD or MP3 player in exquisite quality like never before

  • There is at least one bar in each bus, crafted either from modern acrylic or classic granite, with a built-in cooler for your drinks, and often a cup dispenser too
  • The exciting color changing lighting schemes in each bus, either LED or fiber optic, will tantalize the eyes and relax you

  • The custom leather seating is both comfy and perfectly laid out for easy conversation

  • The wood floors are great for dancing and easy cleanup of spills, and the dark windows ensure privacy too
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