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When you're out and about partying hard in Florida, the number one name you need to know for your group's transportation needs is Daytona Beach Party Bus! We offer you the most for your money with our great service, gorgeous vehicles, and 24 hour availability the state. Our team is well-equipped to send you on a true pleasure trip, with the most pristine vehicles that the State of Florida has to offer, and the most professional chauffeurs that you have ever met. That's the power combination that gives us a leg up on the competition. The fact is, you simply will not find a better luxury travel experience than with us!

We know that you've already got your hands full with the party planning process, and we believe that you shouldn't have to spend more time than necessary putting together your travel and transportation plans. We're more than happy to welcome a hands-on approach if that's your style, but if you'd rather just give us the basic details (number of guests, type of event, etc.) and let us run with it, we won't let you down!

We've got a site right here that's chock full of info for you, and we hope that you'll enjoy browsing while you get your ideas jotted down on paper. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us, we love hearing from our clients and we're happy to help. Whenever you're ready to skip ahead in the process and let us start planning that trip, just give us a call! You can reach us 24 hours per day!

Our Most Popular Vehicles

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Our Latest and Greatest Vehicle Features

We offer a gorgeous fleet of Daytona Beach limousines and we think you'll find exactly what you're looking for in our fleet! Our fleet ranges in size and style so we can accommodate groups of all sizes, no matter if you're looking for a stretch limo or large limo bus, we've got you covered. Each of our vehicles features custom interior designs with outstanding features like HDTVs, dance poles, colorful lights, and more! So what can you do on our vehicles? Anything! Dance, drink, and enjoy music and movies! We've detailed some of these features below, but you can always visit our vehicles page or give us a call if you're like to know more!

  • Each bus features at least one large flat screen television for your viewing enjoyment, along with a DVD player and possibly even an HD antenna for use when parked

  • The high quality stereo system in each bus will absolutely blow you away and let you experience your favorite music on CD or MP3 player in exquisite quality like never before

  • There is at least one bar in each bus, crafted either from modern acrylic or classic granite, with a built-in cooler for your drinks, and often a cup dispenser too
  • The exciting color changing lighting schemes in each bus, either LED or fiber optic, will tantalize the eyes and relax you

  • The custom leather seating is both comfy and perfectly laid out for easy conversation

  • The wood floors are great for dancing and easy cleanup of spills, and the dark windows ensure privacy too

Types of Events

You can count on our services for any event, any time, anywhere! You've already read about our vehicles above, and as you can tell, our fleet is ready for anything! But our 24 hour service and vast range of travel also help make us the best in the area. Not only can we take you far and wide across much of Florida, we can do it any time! Are you planning a trip to Orlando? Or maybe even a long trip to West Palm Beach? Don't cram yourself into a small car and get stuck in traffic! Call us and we'll take you there in style and comfort! Whether your plan is to go bar hopping, to an Orlando Magic game, or if you're getting married or celebrating a birthday, there's no better way to travel than a luxurious party bus!

While we can provide service for absolutely any occasion, some of the events we are called up on to service the most often are shown below!


When it's your wedding, you want a limo you can rely on. We have it. We'll arrive on time with a clean, working vehicle that you'll love. We are the most reliable, so don't trust your wedding day transportation to anyone else!


Live music events are fun for all, well, except for the traffic. Let us be your driver so you don't have to worry about it. Whether it's a show at the Ocean Center or more intimate venue, treat yourself to the rock star experience.

Birthday Parties

All ages can enjoy a memorable day on one of our vehicles. Whether it's music and movies as you ride to dinner with the family, or if you're going to be dancing and drinking between bar hopping, it's the best way to celebrate.

Corporate Functions

Whether you're picking up your employees for an outing, or sending a car to a hotel for out of town colleagues, there's nothing more professional than providing top-of-the-line transportation for your event's guests!

High end affordability

While you may not think about first class luxury transportation and the word affordable in the same sentence... You'll find that our services are much more reasonable than you might think! We do everything we possibly can in order to keep our rates fair and reasonable so that as many of our potential clientele can get the world class treatment that you deserve.

We go about providing our fair and honest pricing in a number of ways. While we go into greater detail on our pricing page, we'll be happy to let you know here that we are often evaluating our costs with respect to our pricing in a concerted effort to lower our rates whenever it is possible to do so. You'll also undoubtedly appreciate that our price quotes are "out the door". Meaning, that the quote you receive is the price you'll pay. Any and all relevant fees are discussed and disclosed up front so that you are not left high and dry on the day of your event.

If you'd like to give us a call for your out the door quote right now, please note the following...

The Date

In order to ensure accuracy, we cannot give a detailed price quote without knowing the exact date of your event. This piece of information is also integral in ascertaining our availability.

The Time

Sometimes, we can offer better pricing at different time slots of any given day. For this reason, we need to know what time we'll be picking everyone up in order to ensure precise pricing.

The Location

While we do have a vast area of operations, we do sometimes have to charge our more distant clients a market value fuel surcharge in order to cover our added travel expense on these longer trips.

The Number of Passengers

We determine the appropriate vehicle based on passenger accommodation. Since our larger vehicles are more expensive than our smaller ones. We need to know how many will be coming along!

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