Some of the more common customer questions we encounter...

Many new customers come to Daytona Beach Party Bus with similar questions. We wanted to be able to answer your questions up-front and without any delay, so here are our most frequently asked questions along with the answers, straight from us at Daytona Beach Party Bus.

We do want to reassure you though, if you don't see your particular query mentioned below... We'd love to be able to answer your question directly via the phone or email. So, if you don't happen to see the question you're looking to have answered, please reach out to us and we'll get the answer!

Q: How large is your fleet?

A: The size of our fleet varies as we swap out older buses for new ones, but we always have a sizable number of vehicles for you to rent, either one at a time, or in larger numbers for your biggest and best parties!

Q: What is the largest number of guests?

A: Typically our vehicles can seat up to 30 guests, and we may also have vehicles capable of holding up to 40 guests. Please call or email for specific current details.

Q: Do you have refrigerators for our drinks?

A: In the Florida heat, we've got to have a way to keep your drinks icy cold. We don't feature refrigerators in our buses, but all of our vehicles feature bars with coolers, and we provide plenty of ice to keep things cool, plus cups.

Q: Are alcoholic beverages allowed on board?

A: As long as all your party guests are 21+ in age, you're more than welcome to stock the bar with alcoholic beverages. If there are younger people in your party, we cannot allow alcohol of any kind.

Q: Is smoking allowed on the buses?

A: Our buses are all 100% smoke-free in order to protect the freshness of our furnishings.

Q: What kinds of music can we bring with us?

A: Our superb stereo systems play CDs, and they also hook up to your MP3 players, iPods, iPhones, and other mobile devices. Bring a stack of your favorite CDs or bring your whole collection on your iPod!

Q: Can we bring our own DVDs to watch?

A: Our buses feature HDTVs with DVD players, and you are more than welcome to bring whatever DVDs you like to enjoy on board, such as chick flicks for girls' night out, or music videos for a hard partying night on the road!

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Have you got some questions of your own that we didn't manage to answer here? Don't worry, you can reach one of our customer service agents 24 hours per day and they'll be happy to answer any additional questions you may have!

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