How Our Pricing Works

Daytona Beach Party Bus is known best for our affordable prices and for the incredible amount of perks that you get despite those low prices. We're often asked by our new customers how we can offer such sensational buses at such moderate prices, and our answer is simply that we make up for it in the number of loyal customers that we attain. The other local companies that put quantity over quality lose customers, and many of those customers come running to us for their next event! Daytona Beach Party Bus knows what you want, and we deliver it at the price you like, season after season, event after event.

Daytona Beach Party Bus is unable to list specific prices on the site at the moment, but we have instant price quotes available by phone at 904-323-0724, and nearly instant quotes available by sending us an email. You'll find that there's no obligation to purchase our services, even after receiving that price quote. There is no charge to get a price quote, and even to lock down your date and make the final reservation, there is only a small deposit that must be made to Daytona Beach Party Bus.

A few money-saving tips for you...

  1. Stock the bar well and do most of your drinking on the bus! Bars, pubs, and clubs can get expensive, and you've got your own private club on wheels!
  2. Whenever possible, rent a party bus on a weekday between Mon-Thurs! The weekdays are always less expensive with us, and that's an insider tip that you'll really be able to take advantage of, because not all party bus companies offer you that savings perk.
  3. If booking a wedding, book your bachelor or bachelorette party at the same time. Why? Because you will receive a free hour of service for doing so! Just be sure to mention this offer when calling or emailing.
  4. Call as early as you can to book your bus. This tip doesn't necessarily save you money, but it will save you a lot of hassle, because the earlier you book that bus, the less change there is that we'll already be booked.
  5. If going to the clubs, let us be your VIP connection. With us, you can skip the lines, waive the cover charge, and go straight to the VIP room. Just ask!
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To get your free price quote and further information on how to save money with us, call or email us any time, 24 hours per day! Let us know when and where you need service, how many passengers you'll have, and for how long, and we'll let you know exactly what it will cost! We can't wait to do business with you!

Thank you!

Daytona Beach, FL